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Belarus Brides Matchmaking

Russian Women Belarus Brides Marriage


Russian Women Belarus Brides Marriage
 Name: Elena

Age: 35

Height: About 5'3"

Weight: About 110 Pounds

Education: Graduate Trade School.

Work: Hairdresser

Never Married, No children.

Religion: Russian Orthodox

Born: Vitebsk

Elena doesn't smoke, she's a very light drinker. OK if you smoke, please be a very light drinker as well.
Russian Women Belarus Brides Marriage
Elena lives alone in her own apartment. Her mother Zhanna is a book keeper at a local firm, her father Vladimere is a driver for a local firm. Elena doesn't drive, she has computer experience.

Elena Traveled To Poland, Spain, Romania, Germany.

Language Skills: Russian
Russian Women Belarus Brides Marriage
Elena was referred to us by a current female member & friend. Elena has an excellent reputation in Vitebsk, as do her parents. Elena's a stunning woman with blond hair, pretty green eyes.

Our crew describe Elena as being "respectful, honest, sincere, shy, very much a touch person, generally a delightful woman. We believe Elena will make a great wife, her personality is soft & loving.

Elena is ready to start a nice family with a good man. Elena's very much an old fashion Vitebsk woman, she will not spend you to death."
Russian Women Belarus Brides Marriage
Elena is looking for a sincere, responsible man for love, marriage. You can be up to about 53 years old, you can be from any country. If you have children that's fine.
You need to be a good guy, be ready to start a traditional marriage.
Russian Women Belarus Brides Marriage
Elena likes to read, cook, garden, travel. She enjoys theater, she also loves animals.

Our crew asked Elena our almost famous question: 
Why are you a special person, why should a man want to spend the rest of his life with you in particular?

I Would Offer My Answer. However, Nina's Behind Me.
Bad For My Health.


Elena replied, "I will be always faithful to my loving husband. I will give him all of myself, all my love."
Russian Women Belarus Brides Marriage
Elena Is Lonely.
She Needs A Sincere Man:
To Make Her Life Complete.

Our Matchmaker Nina:
Will Get You Involved With Elena.
Give Nina A Call.


Great Looks. Shy, Sincere, Sexy, Warm Inside.
Makes Me Feel Warm All Over:
Just Looking At Elena.

Nice. Nice. Nice. Any questions?
 Put Your Glasses On.

Belarus Brides Matchmaking

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