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Belarus Matchmaking
Elena Info

Belarus Matchmaking

Belarus Matchmaking
Name: Elena

Age: 43

Height: About 5'4"

Weight: About 123 Pounds.

Education: University Graduate, Finance Major.

Work: Bank Officer, Currency Dept.

Never Married, No Children.

Religion: Russian Orthodox

Elena does not smoke, she will have a glass of wine on special occasions. OK if you smoke, please be an occasional drinker only.
Belarus Matchmaking
Elena lives in her own apartment with her mother Inna. Inna is retired. Elena has computer experience, she does not drive.

Born: Small Village Near Gomel, Belarus.

Elena Traveled To Russia, Ukraine, Poland.

Language Skills: Russian
Belarus Matchmaking
Elena was referred to us by a current female member. Elena & her mother Inna both have excellent reputations. Elena's a beautiful woman with light brown hair, gray/green eyes. She's very much an old fashion Vitebsk woman. Elena was raised by her family who taught her old fashion traditional values about marriage & family.

Elena is from a small village. 
I can tell you from personal experience:
Small Russian villages are really traditional.

Family & Marriage, Very Important.

Our crew go on to describe Elena as being "a bit shy at first till she gets to know you. Elena is a low-key woman. She is a calm, sincere person. Elena is sociable when she gets comfortable. She is very responsible as her job would suggest. Elena is what we would call a purposeful person. Very much a touch-person. She believes it's important to be close & loving to the man who will be her future husband. Elena is very serious & sincere about that. We like Elena very much, she is a good person."
Belarus Matchmaking
Elena would like to meet a good, traditional thinking man from any country for love, marriage. You can be up to about 58 years old, if you have kids that's fine with Elena. You need to be sincere, serious about traditional style, old fashion style marriage. Be a man who loves to give & receive loving attention.
Belarus Matchmaking
Elena likes to cook, bake, she's very good at both. Elena loves knitting, gardening. She enjoys reading, travel, Elena loves being outside participating in any reasonable activities. She also enjoys good movies.

Our crew asked Elena our question: 
Why are you a special person, why should a man want to spend the rest of his life with you in particular?

Elena said, "Spring is my favorite season. I promise my future husband I will make sure our life together will be as our Spring. I will work to cultivate our love. This is my pledge to you, my future love, my Soul!"
Belarus Matchmaking
Can You Imagine Our Western "Women,"
Expressing Sentiments Like Elena?

Neither Can I.

Get Involved With Elena.
Nina Will Help You Experience:
What Elena Means By "Our Spring."


Softly Sexy, Beautiful In A Soft Way.
Wonderful Woman. Beautiful, Sweet.

Belarus Matchmaking

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