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Belarus Brides Matchmaking
Name: Elena

Age: 25

Height: About 5'6"

Weight: About 127 Pounds.

Education: University Graduate, Management Major.

Work: Office Manager

Never Married, No Children.

Religion: Russian Orthodox

Elena does not smoke, only drinks on special occasions. OK if you smoke, please be an occasional drinker.
Belarus Brides Russian Women Matchmaking
Elena lives at home with her parents. Her mother is a manager at a local store, her father works for a local Vitebsk TV station. Elena has computer experience from work, she does not drive.

Born: Vitebsk.

Elena Traveled To Poland, Russia.

Language Skills: Russian
Belarus Russian Matchmaking
Elena was referred to us by a current female member, co-worker. Elena has a fine reputation in Vitebsk, as does her family. Elena is a beautiful young woman with blue eyes, light hair. She's an old fashion woman, family is important to Elena.

Elena is described by our crew in this way: "Elena is a kind, sincere young lady. She is a quiet person, Elena is a bit shy. Elena is intelligent, she thinks before speaking. She wants her own family. Elena wants to have a child in the future."

Elena wants a good man from any country for love, marriage, happiness. You can be up to about 46 years old, if you already have children that's fine. Elena loves children, she wants her own child in the future. Elena wants to meet a good family man. Go slowly with your letters, gain her trust, you'll be glad you did. This woman will make a very good wife, mother.

Elena likes to cook, read, she loves animals. She enjoys walking, exercise.

Our crew asked Elena our question: Why are you a special person, why should a man want to spend the rest of his life with you in particular?

She said, "I will give my husband sweet caresses, a beautiful and happy family. I will give my husband all my love." 
Belarus Brides Matchmaking
Elena Wants A Happy Family.

Very Difficult To Create In Belarus.

Give Elena Your Love, Kindness,
Your Efforts Will Be Rewarded.


Our Matchmaker Nina,
Will Get You Involved With Elena.

Elena Will Make:
A Lucky Man Happy.

Matchmaking Belarus

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