Russian Brides Marriage

Russian Brides Marriage-

Russian Brides Want Marriage

Russian Brides Marriage
Name: Ludmila

Age: 38

Height: About 5'5"

Weight: About 116 Pounds.

Education: Graduate Teaching University.

Work: Art Teacher


Ludmila Has An Adult Daughter, Alena. Alena Will Not Leave Belarus.

Religion: Russian Orthodox

Ludmila doesn't smoke or drink. OK if you smoke, be an occasional drinker.
Russian Brides Marriage
Ludmila lives alone in her own apartment. Her mother Elena works at a local firm, her father Ivan is a truck driver. Ludmila has no computer experience, she doesn't drive.

Born: Vitebsk

Ludmila Traveled To Russia.

Language Skills: Russian
Russian Brides Marriage
Ludmila was referred to us by a current female member, fellow teacher.

She & her family all have excellent reputations in Vitebsk.

Ludmila's a beautiful woman with green eyes, brown hair.

Ludmila has a good job, she knows how to live on a budget.

She's an old fashion Vitebsk woman.

Beautiful, responsible, exactly the opposite,
of the Western "women" we're accustomed to.

Normal Woman.

Not Afraid To Be A Woman.
Russian Brides Marriage
Our crew in Vitebsk also describe Ludmila as being:

"A sweet, humble woman who's also on the shy side.

Ludmila's very much a touch person.

Ludmila's intelligent, she's a sincere person."

Ludmila would like to meet a gentle man from any country for love,
marriage, to create a nice future together.

You can be up to about 55 years old.

If you have children that's fine.

Please be a touch person.

Be serious about real, traditional marriage.

Ludmila likes to cook, camp.

She enjoys art, museums.

She practices Aerobics.

Ludmila enjoys working with arts & crafts.
Russian Brides Marriage
Our crew in Vitebsk asked Ludmila our question:

Why are you a special person?
Why should a man want to spend the rest of his life with you in particular?

Ludmila said,

"My husband and I will share our love and romance. 
We will have our beautiful marriage.
This is my dream."
Russian Brides Marriage

Russian Brides Want Marriage

This Beautiful Woman;
Will Rock Your World.

Ludmila's A Sweet;
Humble Person.

Our Matchmaker Nina:
Will Get You Started.


Beautiful Sexy.

A Woman To Make You:
Glad You're Alive.

Know What I Mean?

Russian Brides Marriage Vitebsk
Russian Brides Want Marriage

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