Traditional Belarussian Brides

Traditional Belarussian Brides.

Traditional Belarussian Brides

Traditional Belarussian Brides

Traditional Belarussian Brides
Name: Maria

Age: 29

Height: About 5'4"

Weight: About 109 Pounds.

Education: Graduate University of St. Petersburg. Art Major, Gemstone Artist.

Work: Designer

Never Married, No Children.

Religion: Russian Orthodox

Maria doesn't smoke, she'll have a glass of Champagne on special occasions. Please be a non-smoker, occasional drinker.
Traditional Belarussian Brides
Maria lives in her own apartment in Vitebsk. Maria's mother Tatiana is a teacher in Vitebsk, her father Alexander is a Marine Engineer. Maria's brother Maxim is a pilot, he lives in Moscow. Maria has computer experience, she doesn't drive.

Born: Vitebsk

Maria Traveled To France, Russia. Maria Has Family In France.

Language Skills: Russian, Excellent English.
Traditional Belarussian Brides
Maria was referred to us by her Aunt, a member of our group.

Plus her other Aunt, also a member, married to one of our male members.

Maria's a beautiful woman with blue eyes, brown hair.

Maria, her parents, her Aunts, her brother,
all have excellent reputations in Vitebsk.
Of course, here in the USA as well.

Maria has an excellent means of making a living in the West.

She's an old fashion Vitebsk woman in the way she thinks about love, family, marriage. Maria comes from a very good family who taught her those old fashion family ideals all us men are looking for in a wife.
Traditional Belarussian Brides
Our crew go on to describe Maria as being a:

"Bubbly, happy, kind woman who is as honest, open as the day is long.

Maria has a kind, soft Russian soul.

She gets along well with everyone she meets. 

Maria's very much a warm, good person who treats people well because she respects people. Maria's very much a loving touch person."
Traditional Belarussian Brides
Maria would like to meet a sincere, marriage minded man from any country for love, marriage, to create a loving family together.

You can be up to about 40 years old.

If you have kids that is fine with Maria, she loves children.

Maria wants to have her own child with her future husband.

You need to be serious about traditional marriage, family.

Be a loving touch person, be a man who loves children.

Maria likes to cook, she's quite a good cook.

She enjoys camping, any reasonable outside activities.

Maria likes to read, she enjoys a good movie once in a while.
Traditional Belarussian Brides
Our crew asked Maria our question:

Why are you a special person?
Why should a man want to spend the rest of his life with you in particular?

Maria said,

"I promise I will be a loving wife to my husband,
the man who I will fall in love with.

I promise I will do all I can to make sure we are a happy family!"
Traditional Belarussian Brides

Traditional Belarussian Brides

Beautiful Young Woman.

Maria Treats People With Respect.

Have Our Matchmaker Nina:
Get You Together With Maria.

Enjoy The Good Life.




Traditional Belarussian Brides

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