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Russian Brides Marriage

Russian Brides Marriage-

 Russian Brides Marriage
Name: Natalia

Age: 37

Height: About 5'4"

Weight: About 117 Pounds.

Education: Graduate Secondary School.
Russian Brides Marriage
Work: Book-Keeper


Natalia Has An Adult Daughter, Masha. Masha Will Not Leave Belarus.

Religion: Russian Orthodox

Natalia doesn't smoke, she only drinks occasionally. OK if you smoke, be an occasional drinker.
Russian Brides Marriage
Natalia lives with her parents. Her mother Tamara is an accountant, her father Leonid is a teacher of physical training. Natalia has computer knowledge, she doesn't drive.

Born: Vitebsk

Natalia Traveled To Russia.

Language Skills: Russian
Russian Brides Marriage
Natalia was referred to us by a current female member, co-worker.
Natalia & her family all have excellent reputations in Vitebsk.
Natalia's a beautiful woman with grey-green eyes, blonde hair. 

Natalia's an old fashion Vitebsk woman.
She's a responsible woman who knows how to work for a living.

Our crew in Vitebsk also describe Natalia as being "a woman with a good heart, nice sense of humor & personality. Natalia has a soft Russian personality.

She's a bit shy at first, she's a touch person. Natalia's a normal woman for a normal man. Natalia says what's on her mind.
She doesn't make you guess what's on her mind."
Russian Brides Marriage
Natalia wants to meet a sincere man from any country for love, marriage, to create a happy life together. You can be up to about 54 years old, if you have children that's fine.

If you want children with Natalia in the future, she's willing to decide that with you. Be an active man, be a touch person, be serious about marriage.

Natalia likes to cook, swim, read. Natalia works out at the gym.
She enjoys camping, spending time out of doors. Natalia also loves animals.

Our crew in Vitebsk asked Natalia our almost world famous question:
Why are you a special person, why should a man want to spend the rest of his life with you in particular?

Natalia said, "I am anxious to find my husband.
Please find me and I will love and caress you and we shall build our happy marriage together."
Russian Brides Marriage
Nice Comment. Nice Woman.
Natalia Has A Warm Heart.

Have Our Matchmaker Nina Get You Involved.
Need A Warm Heart?


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Russian Brides Marriage

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