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Natasha Info

Russian Brides

Russian Brides
Russian Brides
Russian Brides
Name: Natasha

Age: 38

Height: About 5'9"

Weight: About 130 Pounds.

Education: Graduate Teaching University.

Work: Teacher


Natasha Has An Adult Son, Gennady. Gennady Will Not Leave Belarus.

Religion: Russian Orthodox

Natasha does not smoke, she has a drink on special occasions. Please be a non-smoker, light drinker.
Russian Brides
Natasha lives with her parents. Her mother Anna is on a pension, her father Michael is a driver for a local company. Natasha has computer experience, she does drive.

Born: Vitebsk

Natasha Traveled To Poland, Russia.

Language Skills: Russian, Poor English.
Russian Brides
Natasha was referred to us by a current female member & fellow teacher. Natasha & her family all have excellent reputations in Vitebsk. Natasha is a beautiful woman with green eyes, blonde hair. Natasha is what we call an old fashion Vitebsk Russian woman. Natasha has a good job, she is a responsible person, she knows how to live on a budget.

Our crew in Vitebsk also describe Natasha as being an "intelligent woman who thinks before speaking. Natasha is a bit on the shy side, she is a humble person. Natasha is very serious about family & marriage. 
She is a touch person, you need to be the same."
Russian Brides
Natasha would like to meet a nice man from any country for love, marriage, to create a loving life together. You can be up to about 57 years old, if you have children that's fine, Natasha loves children & being around children. Please be a touch person, be ready to create a traditional marriage.

Natasha likes to cook, read, knit, she enjoys flower gardening. 
Natasha also enjoys camping, swimming.

Our crew in Vitebsk asked Natasha our question:
Why are you a special person, why should a man want to spend the rest of his life with you in particular?

Natasha said, "I promise to love my future adorable man, 
I will make him want to come home to me every night!"
Russian Brides
Make sure you have a heavy duty air conditioner in the bedroom.

Get yourself some Victoria's Secret coupons.

Drive directly home using the shortest route possible.
Every night after work!

Natasha will make a fine wife for any reasonable man.
If you want an exciting home-life.

Tell Our Matchmaker Nina To Help You Get With Natasha.


This Russian Woman Is Beautiful.
Natasha Has Interesting Thinking About:
Taking Care Of Her Future Husband.

Russian Brides

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