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A Belarus Bride, Dating Service, Akron, OH

Experience helped us fine-tune our Matchmaking Process to help new members get started.
Each Member Is Unique. We Tailor Belarus Brides Matchmaking Process To Each Individual Member.
Belarus Brides Russian Women Matchmaking Vitebsk Belarus


Question: I joined Belarus Bride. What Happens Now? 
How Do I Get Started?

Answer: We need client photos including children. Send photos, e-mail to us.

Photos should concentrate on facials & body. Do not highlight home, car, so on. We want women's attention to be focused on client, not material possessions.

Write a letter of introduction. If corresponding with one woman, or three, one letter will suffice at first. This "generic" intro letter will be sent by us to our crew in Vitebsk, along with client's photos via e-mail. Men of course can write a tailored introduction letter to each woman.
It is best to keep introduction letters short and concise. Talk briefly about feelings & issues such as:
1. Your Home City

2. Work

3. Spare Time Activities You Enjoy

4. Dreams About Future

5. What you're looking for in your future wife.

6. What type woman you're not interested in.

Ask Women Questions On Above Issues. Send Your Photos And Intro Letter To Us.

  • Nina And Our People In Belarus Will Go Over Your Photos & Intro Letter. They Will Learn Who You Are. They Set-Up Individual Appointments With Your Chosen Women. They Determine Who Has A Genuine Interest In You. They Make The Match, Woman Answers Your Letter.
  • Male Members Guaranteed: You Are The Only Male Member Writing To Any Belarus Bride Women Member At Any Given Time.
  • Male Members are free to write as many Female Members as they wish.
  • Our Matchmaker Nina Will Help Make Sure You End Up With The Right Woman For You.

Belarus Bride Matchmaking Russian Brides Women Marriage
  • Nina Will Work With You For As Long As It Takes To Make Sure We Find Your Ideal Wife.
  • Membership Has No Time Limit.
  • No Rush.
  • No Pressure.
Belarus Brides Russian Women Matchmaking Vitebsk Belarus



One Round Trip Translated Letter Per Week Is Free For 6 Months.

This No Cost letter is limited to one Microsoft "Word" page per week, 12pt double spaced.

    Translation Both Ways Is Included.

Any Extra Letters Per Week, Cost Is $12 Round Trip Per Letter As Defined Above.

Free Letter Benefit Lasts For 6 Months Beginning The First Day Your Membership Starts.

After 6 months, rate is $12 per letter round trip for any and all letters.

Client can expect his first letter in response to his introduction letter about one week after we send all client's information to our office in Vitebsk.



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Belarus Brides Russian Women Matchmaking
Question: How Do I Know Which Women Are "Busy?"

Answer: We allow Female Members to write only one Male Member at any given time. We do not allow competition between Male Members. Call us with your list of women, we'll let you know if any women on your list are busy.

Male Members Guaranteed:

You Are The Only Male Member Writing To Any Belarus Bride Women Member At Any Given Time.

Male Members are free to write as many Female Members as they wish. We suggest Male Members limit their correspondence to 3-4 Female Members at any given time. We have found through experience writing more than 3-4 at one time becomes confusing.

Question: I Noticed Women State Age limits for Men On Their Pages.
Is This A Strict Limit, Or Is It A General Guide?

Answer: Age limits are only a guide. For example, if you're 55 years old, and you're interested in a woman who has stated an approximate age limit of 50, it would be reasonable to write her a letter anyway. If we find chemistry, a few years over her stated age limit is not usually a problem.
Belarus Brides Russian Women Matchmaking
Question: I noticed some members like to have their photographs published in Belarus Brides Newsletter. Do I have a choice about that?

Answer: Of course. Some members like to post photos, some want total privacy. We respect individual member's wishes.

Each person is different, each situation is different. Any questions about how we would work with any situation, send us an e-mail or give us a call. We are happy to discuss any issue.

We Don't Operate Like "Grocery Store Mega-Sites." 
We Are An Honest, Old Fashion Introduction & Matchmaking Group.
Belarus Brides Russian Women Matchmaking



This Is A Football
Belarus Brides Russian Women Matchmaking
This is our original question & answer section. Going back a few years, using a very low common denominator so to speak. Intelligent guys, relax. 
Let the other guys catch up, enjoy some humor if any spotted.

This section is called "This Is A Football," because I've always admired Vince Lombardi. I created this page, Nina lets me have fun while working. American guys who have been around a while will understand/remember what this means. 
To our non-American friends who have no reason to understand this, let us explain. It means we're starting with very basic stuff.
Anyone who still doesn't understand, 
please go to AFA or
Belarus Brides Russian Women Matchmaking Marriage
Question: These Are Actual, Honest To God Questions We Get: 
Does it cost money to bring a woman to my country from Belarus?

Answer: Please, visit a wonderful site, They can help, quickly finding you interested women by the dozens. And, it costs you nothing. She pays cost of transportation to any country, wedding, all living expenses for all time. As a bonus has Dr Phil! 
Dr. Phil, helping "pussify" men worldwide.

Question: Does Belarus Bride charge fees for services?

Answer: Yes we do.

Question: Why?

Answer: We never received our "charitable organization" charter from the IRS.

Question: Are there many internet "dating agencies?"

Answer: Yes.

Question: Do these agencies charge money for their services?

Answer: Most do, but there are so called "free" sites around. They come and go, each one has it's own way of operating. We don't really believe their "free" part anyway, right? These so-called "free" agencies employ women on their sites to get men writing as many letters, and spending as much money on gifts and trips as possible. They also employ out of work Boris and his friends to write nice letters to Western Men.

There are many what we call "Grocery Store" sites, large agencies who sell women's addresses. Many run "romance tours," a great way to visit and "romance" a hooker. As an example, A Foreign Affair is a large agency like this. Men can join and pay as little as $30 per women's address. Place selections into "grocery carts," take selections to "check-out" line. Pay for selections, go on merry way.

Of course, thousands of other guys are doing the exact same thing with your "selections." These sites have no idea about these women. Who they are, their criminal records, so on. They couldn't care less. They're in the "grocery" business. All they care about is selling as many women's addresses and gifts/services as they possibly can. The better looking women on these sites get 400-800 letters per month. So Much Work. So Little Time.

Another problem concerning "Grocery Store" and so-called "free" sites is: Scammers will set-up beautiful photos & profiles on these sites, all fake of course, then go fishing for Western Men.

Some Poor Guys Will Get Hooked On Beautiful, Fake Photos.

In Reality They're Writing Boris & His Friends.

Happens A Lot More Than You Think.
Belarus Brides Russian Women Matchmaking
Sounds Ridiculous, Causes Pain.

Become a member of Belarus Brides: We Guarantee: Clients receive an exclusive correspondence with any woman chosen to write. Period. Clients able to write and get to know any woman on our site as long as she isn't already busy. 

As a general rule, less than 5% of Belarus Bride's Women are already corresponding with another member at any given time.

Want to meet a Good Russian Belarus Woman who will really love you? A woman who will marry for the right reasons? Talk with us.
Belarus Brides Russian Women Matchmaking
Question: Does Belarus Bride Guarantee It's Services?

Answer: Yes:

We guarantee you, as a Belarus Bride Member, to take all time necessary to find your mate, to make sure both you and your future wife are compatible & happy. We guarantee total satisfaction. There is no time limit on Belarus Bride Membership. Finding a compatible mate is not a race. We also guarantee client and his Russian Woman to be here after marriage. This is a "gentleman's agreement," we don't use contracts. We are reasonable people, we expect the same of our members. This requires trust from everyone involved.
Belarus Brides Russian Women Matchmaking
We only accept new Belarus Women Members into our group who were referred to us by current Female Members. For a woman to be accepted into Belarus Brides, she must possess a job or be a full time student if she is of that age. She must be a good woman in our opinion and in the opinion of the Women Members who referred her to us. We must like her as a person. 
We must feel she will be a good Russian Bride.

A Belarus Bride, Dating Service, Akron, OH



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