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Belarus Russian Matchmaking

Belarus Russian Matchmaking

Name: Tatiana

Age: 27

Height: About 5'5"

Weight: About 123 Pounds.

Education: University Graduate

Work: Teacher

Never Married, No Children.

Religion: Russian Orthodox

Tatiana does not smoke, she has a drink on special occasions. Please be a non-smoker, very light drinker.

Belarus Women Russian Brides Matchmaking
Tatiana lives at home with her parents. She drives, Tatiana has computer experience.

Born: Kazakistan

Tatiana Traveled To Russia.

Language Skills: Russian, Slight English.

Belarus Women Russian Brides Matchmaking
Tatiana was referred to us by a current female member. She has a good reputation, as does her family. Her father is in the military. Tatiana has green eyes, brown/reddish hair. Tatiana is a stunning, beautiful young woman.

Guess what? Tatiana is also a nice young woman, not spoiled, good person inside. Tatiana has old fashion values. Beautiful & nice. Too bad we don't have women like Tatiana in the West anymore. Extinct Species.
Belarus Women Russian Brides Matchmaking
Our crew knows Tatiana, here's what they say: "Tatiana has a high energy level. She's not shy at all, very open person. Tatiana is intelligent, she knows how to handle herself with people. Tatiana acts as if she has more experience in dealing with people. Very out-going with lots of energy."

Tatiana would like to meet a gentleman for love, marriage, to have children, a family. You can be up to about 45 years old, any country is fine. If you already have children that's also fine. Tatiana will love them as her own. Please be at least as tall as Tatiana. Be a touch person, be kind, be full of action & energy.
Belarus Women Russian Brides Matchmaking
Tatiana likes to read, play sports, listen to music. She's a good cook.

Our crew asked Tatiana our question:

Why are you a special person, why should a man want to spend his life with you in particular?

I could think of a few reasons. However, Nina's standing next to me with her fry-pan.

Need To Be Careful.

Tatiana said in answer to our question, "My husband will not have a boring life with me. I am always ready with good surprises. My husband can always trust me. He will love me because I am an Eastern woman, we are different."

Belarus Women Russian Brides Matchmaking

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Belarus Russian Matchmaking

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