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Belarus Bride Matchmaking Client Reviews
A Belarus Bride Is Built On Over 18 Years Of Trust. Our Russian Women Members Trust Us To Do What Is Right For Them. Our Male Members Expect The Same. 
Our Favorite Old Saying Around Here Is: 

Never Lie, We Never Need To Remember Anything.
Belarus Bride Matchmaking Client Reviews

Belarus Bride Matchmaking Client Reviews
Good morning,

I have finally gotten some sleep and caught up on some of my work to have time to write. I must say that when I first came to the hotel Eridan I was not thrilled with it. I felt my room was small and I could not fit my large suitcase. I adapted, improvised and enjoyed my stay there. The staff were attentive and friendly, the water warm always, and the room was cozy. The best part was I could get an hour full body massage for ten dollars. The woman giving the massage looked like a former athletic coach for the USSR. 5'10" 160 and all muscle. Boy did she work me over. I got a massage every other day. Olga was an incredible asset. She is so professional and willing to help me in anything I needed. I felt we were a team and she had my best interest at heart. I met some very charming women, all would make someone a good wife. None of them asked to go shopping like in Ukraine. These women asked questions, shared their lives and we had great conversations over wonderful cuisine.

After many dates with Tanya we have decided to continue on and build a relationship together. We will correspond using the site and plan to take a vacation together in March. If all goes well we will either begin the K-1 process or plan a wedding. The future looks promising. Tanya is a great women with a warm, bubbly personality. We seem much alike and hit it off right away. She had to work much because of her job, but made sacrifices to spend extra time with me. I am appreciate all you have done for me and for introducing me to Tanya.

Thanks Very Much,

Belarus Bride Matchmaking Client Reviews

Belarus Bride Matchmaking Client Reviews
Gentlemen, if you are reading this letter then you have definitely found the right agency. A Belarus Bride is the perfect agency for those of you who wish to find a loving and caring wife with traditional marriage values of love and faithfulness, a feature of modern American women that has been long lost in our nation.

I found the Belarus Bride Agency more than an agency. You become personal friends with Greg and Nina through your search for that perfect bride. In fact, I feel that we are one happy family! They know each and every lady on their site personally and I found that Nina is a very good judge of personalities who would be a good candidate for you. As for Greg, well I think maybe Nina has hit him one time too many times on the side of the head for eyeing the ladies on their site! Both are wonderful friends and you will enjoy working with them.

If you have tried the other sites with all the beautiful “air brushed” photos and all these beautiful, young ladies who are willing to correspond with you regardless of your age, you will find a much different approach with Greg and Nina. At first, you will note that the photos of the ladies are not professional “air brushed” photos but photos of the ladies in every day life. The truth being known, these ladies are far more beautiful in real life than any of their photo’s show.

As far as my recent trip to Vitebsk, I was very pleasantly surprised to find a beautiful modern city with all the conveniences of a Western European City. I can honestly say that this was the best vacation I have ever taken. And to make it better, I found my perfect mate!

The trip was near perfect. Immediately upon deplaning and entering Passport Control, I was greeted by a smiling lady and whisked away to obtain my visa. Then she quickly rushed me to the VIP line and I made it through customs faster than I do at the airport where I work!

As I walked through the exit, I was met by my driver who quickly loaded up his car and we left for the 3 ½ hour drive to Vitebsk. Half way there, we stopped for coffee. I almost fell over backwards with laughter when I say the pile of Belarusian Rubles on the counter to buy two coffees at $0.50 each. 

Greg described the hotel as a three star hotel. Having traveled to Russia and the Ukraine in the past, I was prepared for the worst. I was very pleasantly surprised with the quality and friendliness of the hotel. In the center of the city and within walking distance to almost everything (more on this later). 

 Once you arrive and turn in your passport for registration, that is the last time you need to identify yourself. The entire hotel staff knows who you are and whether you are having dinner or simply walk into the bar and order a beer, you needn’t say anything, the check will show up on your final hotel bill and check-out.

My translator? Oh, if I were only 20 years younger! I think that states it all. Olga met me as I got out of the car at the hotel when I arrived. She is a wonderful lady. She quickly showed me my room, made sure that I knew where the restaurant was as well as the bar. Olga made sure I was happy with everything. Then we sat down and she described our schedule for the next day. I wasn’t prepared for what came next!

Unknown to me, the lady I came to visit had cold feet at the last moment. However, Nina, being the good judge of character that she is, arranged for me to meet Jenna. I was pleasantly surprised. I have seen her on the internet but her photos did not show the true beauty of this lady. We were a perfect match and over the next nine days, had the time of our lives. 
 We now are in the process of applying for her visa says it all.

Olga was great! Beautiful woman with a great personality and good sense of humor. She is not a morning person though, wait until noon or so before you joke with her! Other that the fact that she beat me at bowling (twice), she was the perfect translator and tour guide. 
20 years younger and I would have stuffed her into my suitcase!

We saw it all. From the museums to the parks. Jenna even took me down a very dark road at the end of town late at night just to show me her place of birth! We visited almost every café and restaurant in the city and visited museums and a great resort in the country. During the day, Olga would act as our guide and in the evening, Jenna and I were on our own to test our language skills and communicate without a third person. The next day, we will go over our discussions with Olga and she would untangle any confusion we created by our language barrier. Surprisingly Jenna’s English skills were pretty good, far better than my Russian.

If you plan on visiting a lady at Vitebsk, be sure you train for a few months before and bring very comfortable walking (or running) shoes. These ladies are proud of their city and they will out pace you to every site! I wasn’t sure I would survive my first day as we climbed up to the top of the clock tower! Gentlemen, how fast and for how long could you walk/run on four inch heals? These women are in excellent shape. Do you have a stepping machine at home? Use it! I never climbed so many steps at any one time as I have in Vitebsk. My knees are still recovering!

As I said in the beginning, this was absolutely the best vacation I have ever taken. Relaxing, plenty of exercise, beautiful women and fine dining, what more could a man ask for? 
 The fact that I found my perfect match, makes things that much better.
Thanks Greg & Nina!

Randy Sweet
Belarus Bride Matchmaking Client Reviews
Belarus Bride Matchmaking Client Reviews
Belarus Bride Matchmaking Client Reviews
Belarus Bride Matchmaking Client Reviews
Belarus Bride Matchmaking Client Reviews

Belarus Bride Matchmaking Client Reviews
Hi Greg and Nina,

 A Christmas card for you and all ABB members and couples.

 Have a wonderful holiday season and a very happy New Year!

 Best Wishes from warm and sun shiny California.

 Clint and Maryna
Belarus Bride Matchmaking Client Reviews


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