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Belarus Bride Matchmaking Client Reviews

Belarus Bride Matchmaking Client Reviews
Greg & Nina, 

 I am obliged to write this letter to thank you both for all you have done to help me in my journey. It has been almost exactly one year since I met you both in Akron, and since that time I have traveled to Vitebsk twice. First to meet Luda and little Alina, and then to spend the holidays with her friends and family. I have been lucky enough to find a wonderful woman.

 You and Nina have been there through out the entire process, to offer your advise, and friendship each step of the way. Your unique perspective, and friendly approach help to take the edge off, an unusual and sometimes stressful alternative to the American dating scene.

I do highly recommend your service to anyone who has become disgusted with the options available to the American male. All the people I meet while visiting Vitebsk were warm, good natured, and down to earth, and the European “pace” and approach to life was quite refreshing. I can honestly say, it has been one of the most rewarding experiences in my life.

            I look forward to continuing our friendship, as I work to get Luda and Alina, into the US, and I am sure we will remain friends, in the future. Thank you again for all you have done.

Best regards,

Belarus Bride Matchmaking Client Reviews
Belarus Bride Matchmaking Client Reviews
Belarus Bride Matchmaking Client Reviews


My name is David.
Belarus Bride Matchmaking Client Reviews
I am from Australia. Knowing that I could never tolerate the typical Western woman, I chose to stay single. Then I expanded my search. Thanks to Greg and Nina, I am now the happiest man alive. Irina and I found each other through Nina and Greg's "A Belarus Bride". If you had told me 12 months ago that I would succeed in finding my other half as the most beautiful, intelligent, feminine and loving girl in Belarus, I probably would not have believed you! We are now engaged, and Irina will soon join me in Australia. Check out the pictures of our ABB party at Vitebsk, bottom of the Chippy Club Page 2.*

* David & Irina At Our Chippy Club Party In Vitebsk, 
Before Irina Went To Australia.
With Alex, Luda, Nina.
Belarus Bride Matchmaking Client Reviews
Belarus Bride Matchmaking Client Reviews
Belarus Bride Russian Brides Matchmaking
Belarus Bride Matchmaking Client Reviews
Belarus Bride Matchmaking Client Reviews

Belarus Bride Matchmaking Client Reviews
 Most men know that FSU countries are well known for having some of the most beautiful, educated, romantic, traditional women on the planet. The trouble is, there seems to be as many agencies (and individuals) employing various methods to extract money and waste the time of good people. If you are reading this, there is a good chance you have already had that experience.
Belarus Bride Matchmaking Client Reviews
 To my knowledge, Nina and Greg at "A Belarus Bride" are the only agency that provides such a complete and honest service. Greg is a straight up kind of guy, and will keep you focused on what's important. How many agencies get to know you, already know and genuinely care about the welfare of the women they represent? ABB is unique in this way. Nina personally translates the letters each way, so you know that the meaning of your letters remains accurate. Her close friendship with her members in Vitebsk is priceless, and also your greatest asset. They also ensure that your first meeting is organized, safe, and that your stay in Vitebsk is well supported, enabling you to concentrate on what is important - quality time getting to know your future wife.
Belarus Bride Matchmaking Client Reviews
Their assistance in helping with cultural, communication and logistical issues cannot be overstated! Sometimes even the smallest misunderstandings through language or culture could sabotage an otherwise perfect relationship. There is always a Russian and English speaking couple on hand to help with ANY problems or concerns, even after your wife arrives to your country. And be assured, the girls represented are serious about marriage and family with a normal guy. They are REAL women - not at all related to the western stereotype. They are respectful, faithful, old fashioned, sensual, very feminine, and hard working. They know what it takes to make a happy married life, and are happy to make the effort. Believe it. Nina and Valentina's strict screening assures this. You don't have to be filthy rich, or above average in appearance. Nice guys are highly valued. Vitebsk is relatively undiscovered, and as such, not touched by western society and attitudes.
Belarus Bride Matchmaking Client Reviews
 You don't have to settle for a life alone, or of mediocre marriages with Western women, and there is an agency who removes 99% of the risks normally associated with introduction agencies. The cost is minimal when compared to the endless cycle of costs you often see with "megasite" agencies, and "tour" type operations. Or dating western women for that matter! If you are ready to find your future wife, have a chat to Greg about your goals before you decide how to begin. 
You will be in good company!
Sincerely, David.
Belarus Bride Matchmaking Client Reviews

Belarus Bride Matchmaking Client Reviews
Hey Greg & Nina,

 Sorry I didn't write at once but haven't had the chance. I just learned

last night that they have internet in their home in the village so I had intended to

write to you today. Anyway, All is well and we are getting along famously.

Tonight, we are cooking dinner together and having a blast. Tomorrow, we

will go into Vitebsk and have a look around and also check out some

Independence day activities... Alec was absolutely golden at the airport!

It worked out GREAT!!! Natasha is much more beautiful than her photos

show, however, her voice isn't deep. :-) What a great gal!!! Thank you for

getting us together!!! Her, being a family friend, I am honored that you

would consider me worthy of her, if you get my drift....:-) I will send

pictures ASAP, but we must take some together first.

Best wishes,

Belarus Bride Matchmaking Client Reviews
Belarus Bride Matchmaking Client Reviews
Belarus Bride Matchmaking Client Reviews



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