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Belarus Bride Matchmaking Client Reviews
Hi Greg and Nina,

Natasha and I want to wish your family a very Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy New year!!!

We didn't have much of a traditional family Christmas, because of the storm, BUT, we still made it over to my parents and had dinner and exchanged gifts. It was simple but it couldn't have gone any better. My parents have pretty much adopted Natasha and Yan. They are just crazy about them and I think Natasha and Yan feel the same about my folks.

I just can't thank you both, enough, for bringing them into my life. Somehow you knew Natasha was my perfect match. She and her son have brought warmth and joy to my life, which made this Christmas so special. 
I hope your Christmas is the same!!!

Your Friends,

Chris and Natasha
Belarus Bride Matchmaking Client Reviews

Belarus Bride Matchmaking Client Reviews
Hi Nina And Greg,

What a wonderful year this has truly been! I want to take this time to
Thank Nina & Greg and your staff in Belarus for a
wonderful year! Natalia and I will soon be together and it would not have
been possible without you all and your help!

Natalia is the most wonderful, kind and compassionate lady I have ever
met. While we were half a world apart physically our hearts were already
one from the start and to my amazement I found in Natalia a kindred soul.
Belarus Bride Matchmaking Client Reviews
I had given up hope of ever finding my love of my life many years ago and
had searched fruitlessly for many years. When Bob first told me about the
agency I was at first most skeptical. Natalia tells me she was also
skeptical that such a long distance relationship could work when her
friends suggested she sign up as well.

To our amazement, not only have we had a growing relationship but we have
found in each other what we thought was not possible to find in anyone.
Kindred hearts and one mindedness and most importantly loving acceptance
and understanding for one another. Our sense of humor is the same and to
be honest I had never met anyone, man or woman with my sense of humor in
my life. Most of my friends have trouble understanding my humor side at
times. This has been most refreshing and Natalia and I have found within
each other a strong bond of love and understanding.
Belarus Bride Matchmaking Client Reviews
The English lessons offered have helped us bridge the language barrier
successfully and the translating and letter writing throughout our
relationship has been most helpful. Guys, meeting someone through pictures
and letters is a great way to start out and you can build a strong
relationship of understanding and love for each other before the
relationship takes control. For me it was very VERY important for Natalia
and I to have a meeting of our hearts and minds because I wanted to find,
love and marry my soul mate. I had often felt in past dating experiences
that the relationships were not deep and emotionally satisfying.
Belarus Bride Matchmaking Client Reviews
Natalia and I found we were becoming emotionally and deeply in love before
we had even met in Minsk. The meeting in Minsk back in September of this
year only confirmed what I already knew in my heart. I had found my soul
mate, my one and only, Natalia. For this I am most profoundly grateful!
Her expected immigration to America in January will be the greatest
Christmas Gift of my entire life! We plan to be married in February and
off on our adventurous life journey together both through joys and
hardships all will be rewarding! I can't imagine today how I lived without
her only a year ago.
Belarus Bride Matchmaking Client Reviews
This would not have been possible without Greg and Nina and all the good
folks who helped Natalia and I both here in America and in Belarus. To all
of you Natalia and I wish you a very happy holiday season!
Belarus Bride Matchmaking Client Reviews
Your Friends,

Pat and Natalia

Belarus Bride Matchmaking Client Reviews
Hi Nina and Greg,

I would like to express many, many thanks to Luda and Alex for their help during my stay in Vitebsk. 

They were extremely helpful in getting me through the tough moments,

and I do not know how I would have managed without them. 

It is comforting to know that you have taken great care in selecting a couple

that go far beyond their appointed job outline

to make your service “Premiere” in my books. Please extend my thanks to them

and I look forward to seeing them when I return.
Belarus Bride Matchmaking Client Reviews
I very much enjoyed my trip and also enjoyed learning about the culture and traditions of Belarus.

I also learned to appreciate all the things I take for granted at home. 

I am looking forward to going back to marry my fiancé and spending more time learning about culture there.

It was unbelievable how fast my two weeks went by and that I was not ready to leave.


Belarus Bride Matchmaking Client Reviews

Belarus Bride Matchmaking Client Reviews
To all prospective members,

It’s a strange world we live in where old values are being abandoned and replaced with artifical ideals created by modern marketing.

A man is long longer permitted to be a man and a woman is not permitted to be a woman because they should be equal to the extend of removing the foundations of the concept of family and for me it is no wonder that family happiness is breaking up everywhere these years.

The modern slogan is that everyone has got a duty to make the most out of his or her life whereas the old values claim that nobody can do that except through another person – through love and marriage in the classical sense.
Belarus Bride Matchmaking Client Reviews
This foolish stress on self has also got the consequence that really many find themselves unable to match the ideal of a man or of a woman as these ideals are being artificially created through modern marketing and thus deeming many of us unfit to pass on our genes because we do not belong to the artificial elite – being short, being fat, being redhaired or whatever the reason.

All this is a plague in todays Western world because everybody is encouraged to think that he or she only deserves the very best and thefore it often seems to be the custom that you just abandon a partner just as easy as you throw out the old pair of shoes.
Belarus Bride Matchmaking Client Reviews
True human values and concepts of family do survive however and offers hope for those that are hopeless in Western society. Such values can still be found for example in Belarus where I have also found my wife to be through the assistance of ’A Belarus Bride’.
Belarus Bride Matchmaking Client Reviews
At first I tried to move on my own and succeeded to do so without burning my fingers too much but I won’t recommend anybody to do the same because there are just too many on the outlook to exploit such lonely seekers even including many of the agencies.

Greg and Nina from ’A Belarus Bride’ are aware of all these matters through their own experiences. They found each other and they found happiness and love and it became their vision and desire to help others so that love might become reality also for them.

This is done in a serious and professional way often under cover of humor because sowehow love and humor tend to go hand in hand.
Belarus Bride Matchmaking Client Reviews
It is their vision that ’A Belarus Bride’ should never grow bigger so that they can manage to relate personally to each prospective bride in Belarus and each prospective bridegroom in the Western world, and in this way they get a sense of what matches may have the best possibilities to work out and they are really target the happiness of each individual.

It is also my clear impression that they will do their utmost to avoid assisting anybody who hasn’t got fair motives because it is their aim to work for love and happiness.

They do so through a professionally managed agency with functions in Belarus as well in the Western world not only bringing people together but also assisting them the whole way through.

I can only give my best recommandations.
Belarus Bride Matchmaking Client Reviews
John Kristensen, Denmark



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