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Greg and Nina,

As you know my trip was a success. What an experience! The city of

Vitebsk, it's history, it's people, the food, and especially my lady were all amazing!

I want to thank you both for all your hard work and care.

Many thanks,


Belarus Bride Matchmaking Client Reviews
Dear Nina & Greg!

 Yes, I do know... even according to "our" time here in Central Europe, when your translation of the first letter by Sveta arrived at my computer. But it was on my computer at work, it was evening, and I was sitting at home at that time, together with - by now our - little tiger Benni...

It was the morning when I opened my e-mail-box at work to find this wonderful letter. And a time started, where we impatiently were waiting for each-other's letters until the moment, we could get into contact personally.
Belarus Bride Matchmaking Client Reviews
 As a wonderful result of this year, we celebrated Old Russian New Year yesterday. It's nice to have a possibility to celebrate such a holiday twice within short time. It almost makes me look forward already to the next New Year - although this is still about 50 weeks ahead ;-)) First Summer has to come - although we're currently enjoying almost Spring with about 60° today!!! Believe it or not...

 Thanks as well for the nice representation of our trip to the Netherlands. Only need to make the slight remark, the name of my former home-town isn't Vaardingen but Vlaardingen... The "l" is missing ;-)

 Warmest regards from Vienna!
Sveta & Hans
Belarus Bride Matchmaking Client Reviews

Belarus Bride Matchmaking Client Reviews
Hey Guys!

What can I say! I win! Sveta is everything that I have ever wanted in a woman, and I cannot express in words everything that she is meaning to me. Giving, kind, sexy, generous, crazy vivacious, does not even dent the description that I can come up with in my mind. I guess after seeing the content of the letters that I have written, Nina has gotten to know me pretty well. Despite the fact that it is about 50 degrees Celsius colder here than at my home, I must say that I am having some of the happiest moments of my adult life.

Talk to you soon,

Belarus Bride Matchmaking Client Reviews

Belarus Bride Matchmaking Client Reviews
Hi Greg and Nina!

Bad news, I don’t think that I will be able to go to Ohio this summer!!!

An important appointment has just appeared in my agenda: My wedding!!!

Seriously, how difficult it has been for me to leave Julia and Anna and return to Spain again. The calendar says that I have spent 9 days in Belarus, but for me it seems to have lasted just the blink of an eye.
Belarus Bride Matchmaking Client Reviews
I can’t believe that everything has gone so well. :-D

On the other hand, I’ve got a lot of work ahead. I have to prepare the Julia’s visa paperwork and look for a school for Anna, just to start with.

Thank you very much for everything. Olga's help was invaluable. It wouldn’t be enough if I were 1000 years thanking her.

If you are at home, I will call you through Skype.

Thanks a lot, again,
Belarus Bride Matchmaking Client Reviews

Belarus Bride Matchmaking Client Reviews
To: Greg and Nina Zaytzeff:
Letter of Reference for Olga
(One Of Our People In Belarus.)

1. This letter summarizes my own experience and impressions of Olga employed by Greg and Nina Zaytzeff for a trip they organized specifically for me to Vitebsk, Belarus. Olga was their representative in Belarus and was impeccable in her dedication to ensure my visit to Belarus was a success.

2. As a starting point I experienced superb service by Olga during my stay in Vitebsk. Olga had many roles in my contact with her during my stay and she performed flawlessly in all aspects. Olga was my interpreter all the days I was there and I am most thankful for that it was Olga because she was extraordinary in not only translating conversations and the Russian language to English for me, but also recognizing and explaining cultural differences to me as I had never been in Belarus before. She was unique in this role. 

Olga was an excellent ambassador for both the city of Vitebsk and the country of Belarus. Her knowledge of the city and of Belarus was communicated to me in manner that was highly interesting and gave me feeling of wanting to know even more. In that spirit Olga encouraged me to buy a few books about Vitebsk and Belarus. 
For that I am most grateful.
Belarus Bride Matchmaking Client Reviews
Olga’s people or social expertise is in its own class. Here is a goldmine in value from my perspective. She met me immediately upon arrival in Vitebsk and was available at all times during my stay. Olga arranged for my meeting a lady I have communicated with several months now, but never met in person. Olga was the person I discussed personal matters with the highest level of confidence. She was in return most honest and functioned as my personal adviser on several occasions. 

For that I feel I am eternally indebted to Olga for her help in this area. She was extremely organized and had recommendations of what to do, where to eat as examples. Olga is well versed on traditional Belarusian food culture and deserves a five star rating for her knowledge. Olga’s communicative expertise both language and social interactive skills proved to be invaluable for me in my conversations and contact with the lady I was with during my stay in Vitebsk.
Belarus Bride Matchmaking Client Reviews
Olga was serviced-minded with me the whole time in Vitebsk. She on several occasions purchased items on my behalf and advised me on what was a wise selection of other purchases. It was unlimited where and how Olga would go or drive in Vitebsk to find exactly what I had in mind. Absolutely amazing and impressive!

In addition a quality Olga has which I found most impressive was her willingness to go the extra mile in giving of herself in her work. I mention a specific function she was with my lady friend and I for yoga lessons. My lady friend and Olga and I were her students with Olga also functioning as my translator. I found that to be most impressive and this exemplifies all aspects of my contact with Olga during my stay in Belarus.
Belarus Bride Matchmaking Client Reviews
I have tried to use the words I know best to describe my experience with Olga. She is a rare gem of a person. So take excellent care of her and treat her like gold because she deserves nothing less.



Belarus Bride Matchmaking Client Reviews
Hi Greg and Nina,

We wish you a very Merry Christmas! Thanks for introducing me to my wonderful Lena. Also, for the nice bonus, my daughter Veronika. For those guys still looking, check out Greg and Nina. They are good people and you could get lucky too.

Sometime, you have to take risk's to be happy. I am glad that I took that risk.
Belarus Bride Matchmaking Client Reviews
Thanks Again!

Your Friends,

Ed, Lena, Veronika



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