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Belarus Bride Matchmaking Client Reviews

Belarus Bride Matchmaking Client Reviews
My name is Brian, I live in Minnesota USA. I had been searching for a
good woman for quite sometime. I checked out all the so called "Mega
Sites" and I contacted a few ladies. Some of them seemed sincere,
however I found out first hand that some of them (not all) were less
than Honest. I lost money, not to mention my motivation to continue
searching. I was almost ready to resolve myself to the fact that I may
be alone for the rest of my life. Then! like some sort of "divine
intervention" I literally stumbled upon
to be quite honest I thought to myself "my God how many of these sites
are there" SO I reluctantly began to read on. 

As I read each one of
the pages on the site I became intrigued. No other site ever mentioned
They know what each woman wants from a man and in a relationship. They
also get to know YOU the man you are inside your heart. Let me tell you
fellas! what these woman want is very be loved and cared
for. They also help you after you are married, the help doesn't end once
"your bill is paid" Please believe me when I tell you the woman are
beautiful, however I must say the woman I have found (Inessa) is the
most beautiful of them all...Well Nina too :) (inside joke) but don't
fret they are all beautiful inside and out. I am making the trip to
Belarus in November (maybe sooner) and I can't wait.

If I could offer any advice to American men or just GOOD men in general
is don't let yourself be taken advantage of, being treated as a number
on a list. Their are options available, where educated, kind, decent men
can meet beautiful, educated women who only ask to be loved and
respected in life. A Belarus Bride offers single men a chance of a
lifetime where a man can meet some of the most beautiful women in the
world, and choose the one who's most compatible with him. And you don't
have to spend thousands of dollars. I would be happy to offer my
services as a reference, and help your clients prepare for the beginning
part of there journey.


Belarus Bride Matchmaking Client Reviews
Hello All,
If you think that obtaining an Eastern European bride is as simple as - See pretty girl, point, and click - then you really are very gullable! In fact, most likely, if you are reading this testimonial, you've probably already been taken somehow by one of those "Maga Sites." The fact is, UPS doesn't deliver pretty Russian woman to your doorstep. Think of the reality of the situation- language barriers, distances of thousands of miles, cultural differences, and the biggest problem of all - you've never met these woman! Who knows who you are writing to?!? Who knows what kind of a woman she really is?!? 

That's where Greg and Nina's agency is different. They really know these woman, they know what kind of people they are. They assist to match you up with someone compatible with who you are searching for.

Yes, they help match you up with a REAL woman searching for someone just like you. They are there to protect you from unscrupulous woman. They are there also to protect the genuine and sincere ladies they represent. What's more, they offer the assistance in overcoming the real barriers that exist - language differences, phone calling, sending letters and photos, visa help, and most importantly, knowledge of the country these woman live in. 

And when you DO go to meet your chosen one, their agency is there in Belarus to provide the assistance you will need. I joined, and I'm very happy about it. I have found a genuinely sincere woman and I'm getting real quality assistance from Greg and Nina's agency to make my dreams come true.

You've heard the old saying "You get what you pay for." 
In my case, I'm getting a whole lot more than what I've paid for!

Randy in Florida

Belarus Bride Matchmaking Client Reviews
Hi Greg and Nina,

Your agency is one of the best places to meet single women on the internet, with amazing, sweet and incredible women. 
Very nice and friendly people work with you. 
I highly recommend this site.

Thank you.


Belarus Bride Matchmaking Client Reviews
To prospective members, 

My name is Dave. I cannot tell you about the assistance and services that Greg and Nina provide through "A Belarus Bride". Let me tell you a horror story, one of many you can read about. I had been in correspondence with a woman from Vitebsk for over 1 1/2 years. I had even gone there and spent 3 weeks with her at Christmas. I thought that everything was just great. And then I didn't hear from her for over 6 months. She had told me to wait, and that she and I were under investigation by the "authorities" there. Well, I decided to try and find her. 

While searching the web, I found "A Belarus Bride". As I saw in the advertisement, they investigate every girl. So I called Greg up and asked if he could find my girl there. Well, it turned out that her mother was a former "authority person" and that she was either here already or in the process of coming here with another guy. So with this in mind, I opted to join and to write Oksana (who is the most beautiful girl listed!!, except for Irina!!).

She is for real. And I am quite certain that so are all of the rest. As some of the other testimonials state, you don't find any agency that personally knows every girl. Nor do they provide the translations, tutoring for the girls and all of the personal one-on-one dealings that Greg and Nina do have. 

Greg and Nina are great and do a great job. You will not find this at I met the one who scammed me),, blue sapphires, cherry blossoms or any of the other "reputable agencies." This is truly the best. You cannot go wrong here. This I promise. I have found the most wonderful woman through this agency, as well as ALL OF THE OTHER TESTIMONIALS THAT YOU READ IN THIS SECTION!!!! You will not see this at any other agency, I guarantee!

Belarus Bride Matchmaking Client Reviews

Belarus Bride Matchmaking Client Reviews

For quite some time I had been surfing around the web looking at the hundreds of websites featuring Russian women interested in meeting western men. I had come to realise that almost of all these sites only offered a very limited service i.e. just selling ladies addresses, or offering tours where unknown women parade around in front of a group of men. Then one evening unexpectedly I came across 'A Belarus Bride', and after reading through their website I was impressed by the services on offer and of course the fine selection of beautiful women. After giving some thought I decided to sign up as a member. Since I joined as a member, I have found the service given by the 'ABBride' team second to none. They are very nice people and always on hand to help with anything. They provide a very individual and efficient service. They know the women they represent very well and they also get to know you the client. I would highly recommend A Belarus Bride to any decent man looking for a good, traditional and beautiful woman. 

Ian from the UK



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