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Good morning,

I have finally gotten some sleep and caught up on some of my work to have time to write. I must say that when I first came to the hotel I was not thrilled with it. I felt my room was small and I could not fit my large suitcase. I adapted, improvised and enjoyed my stay there. The staff were attentive and friendly, the water warm always, and the room was cozy. The best part was I could get an hour full body massage for ten dollars. The woman giving the massage looked like a former athletic coach for the USSR. 5'10" 160 and all muscle. Boy did she work me over. I got a massage every other day. Olga was an incredible asset. She is so professional and willing to help me in anything I needed. I felt we were a team and she had my best interest at heart. I met some very charming women, all would make someone a good wife. None of them asked to go shopping like in Ukraine. These women asked questions, shared their lives and we had great conversations over wonderful cuisine.

After many dates with Tanya we have decided to continue on and build a relationship together. We will correspond using the site and plan to take a vacation together in March. If all goes well we will either begin the K-1 process or plan a wedding. The future looks promising. Tanya is a great women with a warm, bubbly personality. We seem much alike and hit it off right away. She had to work much because of her job, but made sacrifices to spend extra time with me. 
I am appreciate all you have done for me and for introducing me to Tanya.

Thanks Very Much,
Belarus Brides Russian Women Matchmaking Reviews

Belarus Brides Russian Women Matchmaking Reviews
Dear Greg & Nina:

I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks and heartfelt gratitude to all of you and "A Belarus Bride" for your prompt, professional, and truly friendly assistance in my search for the woman of my dreams! 

Finding your agency on the Internet, 
was indeed one of the best strokes of luck I've ever had!
Belarus Brides Russian Women Matchmaking Reviews
As the result of your combined efforts, 
I believe that "A Belarus Bride" and it's web page clearly stand out among the literally thousands of other web based introduction services!

Over the past months, you have always been there to provide me with information, suggestions, answers to my questions, and encouragement!
Belarus Brides Russian Women Matchmaking Reviews
In all of my dealings with your agency, you have always done what you said you'd do, followed through and followed up when required, and you have never failed to always keep me informed of the process and progress of my endeavors.
Belarus Brides Russian Women Matchmaking Reviews
It's clearly evident that you have taken a personal interest in me and my happiness, and the same can be said for the women you represent. I highly recommend your agency, and have encouraged my friends and associates to use your valuable assistance in their own search for an incredible woman!
Belarus Brides Russian Women Matchmaking Reviews
I dearly appreciate your expertise and dedication, for you have changed my life in the most beautiful way possible! You should all be extremely proud of the wonderful service you're all providing.
Take care,
New York, USA
Belarus Brides Russian Women Matchmaking Reviews
Belarus Brides Russian Women Matchmaking Reviews

To all Prospective Members and Browsers:

Hello, whether you are just browsing or are serious about the idea of a 
foreign bride, I would like you to read my thoughts and version.

I have been involved with this idea and admittedly also intrigued by this for a year and a half. In this time I have browsed several of the available web sites on the net that advertise thousands of available ladies on their pages. I have written to a few ladies and received responses from many of them. Some I have carried on exchanging letters and phone calls for months. And I have made trips to meet two ladies from the other sides of the world. Sometimes I have felt deceived by these large sites. Not that many of the ladies listed on these large sites are not sincere.

I believe many of them are. I also believe many of the ladies they list could also be models, hookers, and possibly hoaxes, just to entice you to purchase addresses and spend lots of your hard earned dollars exchanging letters with someone who may not even exist. Think about it. How hard would it be to send you an address and then fabricate the letters you receive?

How would we know?

I stumbled and read several of their informational pages. What caught my eye and interest was that they claim to personally know each and every lady on their site. I thought it was worth a phone call to speak to Greg. 
Well I am happy I did. 

First, Greg has experienced this entire experience first hand as his lovely wife Nina is from Belarus. Greg has made more than one trip to Belarus and on his last trip spent the better part of a year there. Add to this that Nina’s mother lives in Belarus and runs their office there.

She handles all the arrangements with the ladies including continual communication with the ladies by phone, exchanging and interpreting our letters, meeting and interviewing the ladies, assisting with extra photographs, and traveling with the ladies to assist in their first meetings with us. Now you can see why they limit their available ladies to the area of Vitebsk, Belarus, and not from all over a vast area. So when Greg and Nina say they personally know every lady on their web site they are telling you their most important message, 
they are honest and sincere in what they are doing.

After speaking to them I rolled the dice and joined, and now, a few months later I am happy I did. I find them to be extremely helpful and supportive. I have no regrets.
Thanks Nina and Greg.
Southwest USA
Belarus Brides Russian Women Matchmaking Reviews

If you are a decent guy who has patience, and is sincerely looking for a wife from Eastern Europe, I strongly recommend A Belarus Bride. Very few sites even come close to matching the high-quality service ABB offers. Greg, Nina, and the rest of the ABB team: you’re in a league of your own, and you will always have my highest recommendation. Thank you.
Patrick, Texas

Hi Greg and Nina,

 Hello from the Californian high desert. We've had some real hot temperatures the last few weeks. A couple of Sundays ago, 115F and again 115F today. Hot enough to fry an egg on the driveway. Besides the weather, things are going good. We are working in our garden (to hot right now) and working on the house (Maryna's HoneyDo list is becoming endless), besides our regular day jobs. We still have our Disneyland annual passes and we visit there often. Still fun to be had. We are going to Newport, Rhode Island in October for our 5th U.S. wedding anniversary and on a Western Caribbean cruise in January, next year.

 Oh, I almost forgot to tell you. Maryna is complaining about our American English. For her it doesn't seem to have any rules, but I'm having fun discussing it with her. Her grammar is way better than mine though.

Thanks for helping us find each other and best wishes to other couples who have found each other through your web site.

Clint & Maryna

 Belarus Brides Russian Women Matchmaking Reviews
To: Nina Zaytzeff

Subject: Good Morning from Vitebsk

This morning Nina and Greg,

I once again thought I am not the best communicator on the earth. 

So just a quick note to say Hi, all is G R E A T. 
 I am having a really wonderful time. 

Jenna is everything you advertised she would be. 
 She has my heart, that is the truth.

Olga is too funny, she brought me to tears once laughing.

Vitebsk is amazing as well.

Thanks as always for everything,
Belarus Brides Russian Women Matchmaking Reviews

Good evening to you both,

I'm just writing you to say the more I see and learn about other people and their relationships,

The more I treasure Sveta in every imaginable way. 

My experiences in the past with relationships are not even close to unique. The dysfunction is literally everywhere.  

I thank God I'm no longer involved in it, and never will be again.

 Sveta is just literally everything women here are not. That becomes more glaringly obvious everyday. 

I simply had to say it.

Have a great night my friends,and thank you for everything. Eric😆


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