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Belarus Bride Matchmaking Client Reviews

Belarus Bride Matchmaking Client Reviews
Dear Greg and Nina,

My sincerest thanks for all you and Nina did to make this possible. Through all my confusion, you were always patient and helpful.

It is clear that without your help, I would have had no chance of succeeding with Iryna, and each step was explained over and over so I might understand this challenging process.

At first I thought you charged too much; now I think it is not enough.
Belarus Bride Matchmaking Client Reviews

Belarus Bride Matchmaking Client Reviews

I want to thank Nina, Greg and Olga from Vitebsk for their help in my search for a Russian bride.

The agency is serious, caring and professional. The girls are real and family-oriented.

This matchmaking agency is completely different from the dating agencies, where everything is fake and scam.

Nina and Greg care about their clients and give them all their support.

I'm on the good way to succeed.

Belarus Bride Matchmaking Client Reviews

Belarus Bride Matchmaking Client Reviews
Dear Greg and Nina,

I would like to thank Greg and Nina for all their hard work in helping me find the love of my life. I was never a confident type a guy. I have had trouble keeping conversation going with women I found attractive. Dating was a pain, and the women I have met where not the “proper” type women you would want to make your wife. 

I was referred to A Belarus Bride by one of my colleagues who had found a beautiful wife on there and was happily married for the last 5 years now. I thought to myself why not try their service myself? I met with Greg and Nina at their office in Akron, Ohio. They were the nicest people I have met. They helped me regain my confidence. They guided me and helped me find what I was looking for this whole time. I was looking for a meaningful, real relationship. It was a hassle free process, I ended up communicating with a woman through emails, which lead to phone calls. I was love struck. I felt whole. I felt as if I had finally found something that I have been missing my entire life.

Sure, I know what you guys are thinking: “Oh, this guy is a fool he didn't even know she was real...” You are right, I didn't know if she was real. I have used, E-Harmony, OkCupid before, and in reality you never know if the person is real on any of these services. You do not know until you actually meet the person, that is one of the downfalls of online dating, but I trusted Greg and Nina. Unlike all those other websites, I met them in person before I even joined! Can you say that about other Online Dating Sites? Do you even know who you are giving your money to? Of course not, they take your money and hide behind a big company name. Greg and Nina do not have anything to hide. They are a normal couple who's just there to help. They have been in the same boat as us! They have met online themselves! 

They have started this service because they thought their experience with online dating was NOT easy. They want to help men like us. They want to make our experience easy. They want us to succeed, and find our own women of our dreams. What do you get when you join those other sites? You get thrown into a midst of other guys looking for the same thing, and “hoping” that a girl might actually talk to you, you really don't get much help. They take your monthly payments and in the end if you are lucky enough you might find someone. Most of the time you just end up giving up. Why waste your money and give up, when you can join a marriage agency that will introduce you to a woman of your dreams and make her a reality.


Belarus Bride Matchmaking Client Reviews
Nina and Greg,

Well, my two weeks is at an end. I am filled with so many mixed emotions right now. Saying goodbye to this beautiful, sweet woman was very, very hard. I come away from this beautiful experience knowing that we have a future together. Of course, my heart has already fallen very big for her. I have had a lot of time to think while I have been here and do you think the words would come when I needed them too. We had a good date, (they all were) we went to the Reppen Art Museum outside of town. I liked the grounds and the old building. I am not much of a art critic. I liked the things I saw.

But, I am a guy, I like the woodwork and the structural things more than the art. We went to lunch and after the meal, I wanted to surprise her. I gave her a diamond heart necklace. Olga said she was near tears and was blushed red. I do love that about her, it tells me that I made a difference and it meant something to her. Anna asked Olga why she didn't tell her. Olga just smiled. It was a nice moment. I was not sure how Anna would be when we got back to my hotel and had to say goodbye. All of that is still sinking in. I have a photographic memory, but I think the lens cap was still on, I am waiting for my mind to process the film.

Anyway, I am very hopeful for what the future brings for us. Act I of this adventure, the meeting, is now moving to Act II. This is where the depth begins. I think I speak for both Anna and I, when I say thank you very much for bringing us together. Until last Saturday, I have never met anyone so special as Anna. And while I am a little uncertain of my "woman reading"

skills anymore, I have to say that it is very encouraging to have such an unexpectedly special woman choose me, at the same time I am wanting to choose her. To have some mutual feelings for each other. The fall leaves may be getting ready to fall, but I think love is getting ready to bloom.

Also, I wanted to tell you that you have a most amazing translator in Olga.

She has truly been a Godsend for all of the things she did for us and good friend while I was here. Please tell her again for me that I say thank you.

I will miss her friendly advice and her great choices of restaurants. I was very spoiled here by all of the great atmosphere, wonderful food and of course the company. I hope upon my return visit, Olga will be able to again be, my great assistant if Anna and I still need the help.

For now I guess it is just a waiting game until I go back to Minsk and fly out. Thank you to all of the people behind the scenes here that I did not get to meet this trip.

From beautiful Vitebsk, Belarus, do svidaniya. 
(Sorry, I do not have Russian keyboard) 
Take care.

David and Anna
Belarus Bride Matchmaking Client Reviews

Belarus Bride Matchmaking Client Reviews
Hey Greg and Nina,

Thanks for everything. I am still trying to finalize my plans for my return trip so we will just have to ready, here we go!!!

Good morning to one and all. I must admit that when I first started this entire process that I was more then a little apprehensive about getting involved in another relationship. But after trying to date several other American women and having no success I figured that I was going to be spending the rest of my life alone. 
 I had resigned myself to that and was trying to make peace with it. 
Belarus Bride Matchmaking Client Reviews
Then one day I was just looking at dating web site and not expecting much I stumbled onto A Belarus Bride. I read the web site and the one thing that impressed me was that they know all these women. The next was the questionnaire that they had. It made me have to think about a lot of answer's that I would have to give.

Lastly and most importantly was they also look out for the women they represent. Because believe it or not there are some unscrupulous people on the internet!!!
Belarus Bride Matchmaking Client Reviews
And Nina this shout out is for you. Guys, she nailed this on right on the head!!!

The trip was wonderful, Pasha was great (he is a VERY safe driver by the way Greg) and Olga is pretty much in angel status (she is truly a gem).

Because of all that we are trying to meet again over Christmas if our schedules can be resolved. If not, then shortly thereafter but I AM going back to see her. A possibly to see how she would feel about living in the west. 

So, in conclusion, guys remember these three things.

1) Be honest with yourself and what you want in a partner.
Belarus Bride Matchmaking Client Reviews
2) Be honest with the process and how it works.

3) Most importantly, be honest with Greg and Nina. They are here to help the BOTH of you and will as long as you are up front with them.

So if you are looking for a partner who WANTS to be with you and is not afraid to be a woman, look no further. You have found the right place. Wait and see. But I have said it before and I will say it again, thank you so very much for all that you have done for me. And thanks for her, also. Always yours, Joe

PS Guys, DO NOT try to beat Olga in bowling. 
She'll kick the you know what out of you!!

Belarus Bride Matchmaking Client Reviews
Belarus Bride Matchmaking Client Reviews



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