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This message is for all you lonely guys:

I became a family member of A Belarus Bride in August. I have
found and met the most loving woman in the world through Greg and Nina.
I have fallen deeply in love with the woman of my dreams and we are
engaged to be married. When you finally meet your lady and give her that
first kiss you will be the happiest man alive. When you hear her first
 "I love you" (with that lovely accent) you'll be on cloud 9. I'm so glad
that I found my lady through them that I can't thank them enough for
helping me find my dream lady. Thanks Greg and Nina!

If your tired of being lonely and doing things by yourself, this is the
place to begin to find the love of your life. Put your trust in Greg and
Nina's hands and you won't go wrong. With Greg and Nina's effort and
care you will also find that wonderful woman too.
Please check out the photos of Marina and myself in the Newsletter.

You will see a very happy man.
Thanks again Greg and Nina.
Belarus Brides Russian Women Matchmaking Reviews

Belarus Brides Russian Women Matchmaking Reviews
Dear Greg and Nina,

After being delayed, first by a hurricane and then lost
luggage in Warsaw, I have had a wonderful time for the past
three-and-a-half weeks in Vitebsk. Sveta is a lovely woman in every
sense--I don't know if it was luck or fate or something else, but I
could not have found a better match. For that, I thank you both. I am
here until the beginning of next week when my visa expires. I will
send you pictures when I get back.

Warmest regards,
Belarus Brides Russian Women Matchmaking Reviews

Dear Greg and Nina,

I would like to thank Luda, Alexander, you and Nina
for all the help and support you gave me on my
trip to Vitebsk. Luda and Alexander created a
comfortable atmosphere in which I first met Mila
and our first conversations with each other. They
made my trip one in which I will remember for life!


Belarus Brides Russian Women Matchmaking Reviews
Dear Greg and Nina,

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year!

Don and Irina

Belarus Brides Russian Women Matchmaking Reviews
Greg and Nina,

   I want to sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart for introducing me to Elena. I have spent the last 4 years and nearly $40 thousand dollars looking for a woman from the FSU. It has been quite a learning experience. As you recall I tried to write to Elena in the fall and you had told me that she was busy. I ended up having a bad experience with a girl from St Petersburg... 

Turns out her job was that of an internet webcam girl ( yeah I can see introducing her to my mother ). 

After this bad experience I came across your website again and asked about Elena.. As fate would have it she was free.

   I quickly realized that she was the girl for me... 
She is not only beautiful but has a kind heart and very good character. I quickly went to meet with Elena in Vitebsk and I could not be any happier.

   I met her mother ( who wouldn't stop feeding me) and her brother. 
They are both very good people with great character. 

 Elena is much more beautiful than her photos show. 
Many websites I have dealt with use professional photographers and make their woman look much better than they are in real life. 

I think there are many hidden treasures on your site due to poor quality photographs. When I was in Vitebsk I was curious and asked Elena about the guy she was writing to before me.... turns out she wrote to him for one year and he never went to visit her. She also told me that he would call her every day and sometimes he would disguise his voice and pretend he was someone else. I think that he did not think that she was for real or as kind hearted as she is ... anyway the guy is an idiot. 

Well I am very happy that he is an idiot because we are a perfect match. You know in the past when I met a beautiful woman from FSU I would come home and recall my trip and think that yes that woman was very beautiful but I could not clearly see a future with them.
Maybe inside I knew we were not a match, maybe I did not trust them ... I don't know can't put my finger on it, but with Elena I have such a calm feeling now and I am finished searching.. Its very refreshing...Thank You!!

Belarus Brides Russian Women Matchmaking Reviews

Belarus Brides Russian Women Matchmaking Reviews
Dear potential member,

Nina and Greg provide a wonderful service. My experience with Belarus
Bride has been exceptional. When I first spoke to Greg and Nina about
becoming a member, I had a thousand questions. Greg answered all my
questions, and addressed any concerns I had. In the past two months we
have been developing a friendship. I trust both Nina and Greg very much.
Through them, I have met the most beautiful, intelligent, and friendly
women, Elena. I have planned a trip to Vitebsk for July. We are both
very excited about our first meeting. If you are thinking about becoming
a member, I would highly recommend A Belarus Bride.

Belarus Brides Russian Women Matchmaking Reviews

To the new men coming onboard our growing family. Even though
I haven't visited Vitebsk yet, I can tell you that you chose the right people
to help you find your soulmate. Greg, Nina, Irina, Valentina, Elena
and Boris will go out of their way to help you on this wild ride in life.
Belarus Brides Russian Women Matchmaking Reviews
You can trust them to be honorable, they have integrity, and look out for
not only your best interests, but also to make sure the ladies get the same
treatment. I wait impatiently for June to come and I get to meet the other
half of A Belarus Bride and of course to meet my lady Tatiana.
Belarus Brides Russian Women Matchmaking Reviews
Listen to what Greg and Nina say and follow there guidance. 
As I have learned in my years is this: 
You come to a minefield. Would you follow the tracks of
someone who crossed it already or would you just go off on your own?
I know what my choice would be! 
Take care everyone and may God bless you all.

Belarus Brides Russian Women Matchmaking Reviews

Belarus Brides Russian Women Matchmaking Reviews
Hi Greg and Nina,

Just wanted to thank you both again 
for everything that you've done for Sveta and I.

I have just returned from another very enjoyable and trouble-free visit to Vitebsk ; and I know that one of the biggest reasons why both of my trips went so smoothly was because of all your help. Sveta and I both realize that we would never have met if it hadn't been for all your efforts ; and we're both very grateful and appreciative of that. You guys know how happy we are together.
Belarus Brides Russian Women Matchmaking Reviews
 Please also send a big HELLO!!! from me the next time that you talk to Irina, Boris, and Valentina ; and also a big THANK YOU!!! for their hospitality. As you already know, Sveta, Tatiana, and I spent another very enjoyable evening at their place again . We all had a great time; and I'm glad that Sveta and I had the chance to thank them all again personally for everything that they've done for us. We enjoy their company very much, and I am very much looking forward to visiting them when I return to Vitebsk to bring Sveta and Tatiana back to the USA with me.

I had a great time in Minsk, Vitebsk, and the two villages where some of Sveta's relatives live. Sveta and her whole family are just great ; we all had a blast , and I really did not want to leave.

Thanks once again for the experience of a lifetime .

Best Wishes to All ,


***PS : If I had any vacation left at all, 
I'd be on a plane to Minsk again right now ! ***
Belarus Brides Russian Women Matchmaking Reviews


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